job offers
Bioinformatico libero professionista - Ospedale San Martino Genova Scadenza: 28 Marzo 2022 Requisiti: LM bioinformatica / informatica / ingegneria informatica / ingegneria biomedica o Master bioinformatica. Compiti: sviluppo di sito Galaxy, in collaborazione con microbiologi italiani e non. Progetto: EOSC-Life
4 profili postdoc, di cui una posizione di bioinformatico
The Canine Cancer Genomics Lab at the Department of Veterinary Sciences offers a Ph.D. position starting from October 2022 and is looking for a highly motivated bioinformatician.
CENTURI seeks to attract up to 2 creative computer scientists, physicists, or mathematicians with a collaborative biology project. CENTURI is looking for candidates with theoretical expertise in fields ranging from the emergence, evolution and diversity of biological functions to collective behavior and self-organization in dynamical systems.
The Cmp3VdA is a newly-formed research center based in Val d’Aosta which has the objective to sequence the genomes of 5000 individuals from the region and to investigate the causes of neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental diseases and cancer within the scope of the 5000Genomes@VdA project.