Bioinformatics is meant as a multi-disciplinary science for the study of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level by using informatics and computational methods and models.
Main goals of the associations are the study, development and spreading of Bioinformatics in a scientific, academic, technological and industrial environment.
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In this unique situation, the scientific community is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide with an effort never seen before. The BITS steering committee have decided to help the community sharing all the research activities related to the COVID-19 diffusion that the BITS members are going on.
A dedicated page to collected these initiatives is now active.
24 January 2023
assunzione con contratto a tempo determinato (30 mesi) di n. 1 unità di personale con il profilo di Ricercatore profilo bioinformatico, per progetto: PNRR PE13 INF-ACT “One Health Basic and Translational Research Actions Addressing Unmet Needs on Emerging Infectious Diseases”, presso il Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Roma. Codice concorso: TD RIC DMI 2023 08 more
19 January 2023
The 24th Bologna Winter School will present the most recent advances in the application of Deep Learning techniques to the analysis biological (big) data, in particular in the characterization of protein structure and function.

List of speakers includes: Pierre Baldi; Arne Elofsson; David Jones; Arthur M. Lesk; Christine Orengo; Burkhard Rost; Hong-Bin Shen. more
10 January 2023
CIBB’s main goal is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for researchers interested in the application of computational
intelligence, in a broad sense, to open problems in bioinformatics, biostatistics, systems and synthetic biology, and medical informatics. more
9 January 2023
We have now an open call for a #postdoc position (research fellowship / assegno di ricerca) to work in the context of an Italian national project, called Immuno-Hub, funded by the Ministry of Health under a strategy for biotechnology, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical development. more
14 January 2023
The **Como School on Cancer Evolution**
(CSCE 2023) brings together researchers from both dry- and wet-labs to
explore the challenges posed by cancer as a an evolutionary disease. more
10 January 2023
Network Models and Analysis: From Foundations to Complex Systems held in ICCS conference more
23 December 2022
Sono disponibili 7 posizioni di RTDA nel settore BIO/11 (Biologia Molecolare) presso il Dipartimento di Bioscienze, Biotecnologie e Ambiente dell'Università degli Studi di Bari nell’ambito dei centri nazionali e partenarieti estesi finanziati dal Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) nell’ambito del progetto NextGenerationEU dell’ Unione Europea. more