Steering Committee

The present Steering Committee has been elected by the General Assembly held in Bari during the BITS Annual Meeting 2023.

Raffaele CALOGERO (University of Turin)

Honorary President
Manuela HELMER-CITTERICH (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")

Matteo PALLOCCA (CNR-IEOS, Naples)

Matteo became BITS secretary in 2023 his main activities are dedicated to organise the BITS working groups and the general activities of the BITS society. He helps in the organisation of the BITS annual meeting.

Alessandro CESTARO (CNR-IBIOM, Bari)

Alessandro has been appointed Treasurer of the Society from 2023. He is responsible of economic activities in BITS AGM and other sponsored meetings. 


Pasqualina D'URSI (CNR-ITB, Milan)

Pasqualina has been a member of the BITS Steering Committee since 2021. She has been mainly involved in Young BITS activities. 

Mario CANNATARO (University of Magna-Græcia, Catanzaro)

Mario became a member of the BITS Steering Committee in 2023. He is responsible of the Training and Teaching BITS activities. 


How to get in touch with the Steering Commitee: 

Information on members of previous Steering Committees is included in the Past Presidents and Councillors page.