job offers
Join a well-established core bioinformatics team, to support microbial genomics research and maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Familiarity with Linux, containers (e.g. Apptainer), and HPC is important, as well as understanding and building of bioinformatics workflows (Nextflow) and the ability to contribute to the development and execution of microbial genomics analyses.
The Piccolo, Bicciato, and Risso labs at the University of Padova are seeking highly talented computational biologists for funded post-doctoral positions. Our teams utilize highly multiplexed imaging, spatial transcriptomics, and single-cell omics, combined with statistical and machine learning approaches, to investigate regulatory mechanisms in tumor development and metastasis.
The person recruited will be responsible for the development, implementation and dissemination of new bioinformatics tools and databases. He/she will also be responsible for the maintenance and update of existing tools (databases, webservers).
At the University of Udine we are seeking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on comparison of different approaches for metagenomics analysis.
The research activity consists in the structural and functional characterization of membrane trasporters involved in human pathologies, in particular cancer, to be performed with Bioinformatics methods.