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Cerchiamo studenti da formare per tesi o tirocinio a Roma in bioinformatica
Short open reading frame encoded peptides (SEPs), or microproteins, have recently emerged as new potential players in biology. However, the cellular roles of SEPs are still largely uncharacterized. The goal of this PhD is the discovery of the cellular functions of Drosophila SEPs by the inference and analysis of their protein interaction network.
A fully supported postdoc position is immediately available at the Italian Institute of Technology . The successful candidate will work in a multi-discipilnary team and will analyze in-house produced multi-omic data aiming to understand the role of non-coding RNAs in mediating 3D chromatin architecture in embryonic stem cells and cancer stem cell models.
Posizione aperta presso UOSD laboratorio di genetica e genomica delle malattie rare