meetings and workshops
After a very successful first edition in Toulouse in 2023, we are thrilled to announce the second edition of the Young Scientist Cancer Congress, taking place in Montpellier on October 10th-11th. The idea of the conference is to provide an opportunity for postdocs, in particular, and PhD students to present their work alongside renowned scientists and to foster interactions between young scientists and young clinicians in oncology.
9th EBAME Workshop on Computational Microbial Ecogenomics -- a two-week hands-on workshop on metagenomics and microbiome data analysis.
The increasing accessibility of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) platforms is creating a growing pressing need to train people capable to analyze the obtained results. This course will discuss the most appropriate computational and statistical methods available for scRNA-seq data analysis.
This workshop is organized in Sweden, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The course will be run in parallel synchronized sessions using a hybrid online and in-person approach to train plant scientists in Africa and Europe in DNA methylation data analysis.
FISV PER I GIOVANI RICERCATORI apre il mondo della Ricerca a coloro che ne saranno presto protagonisti: da un lato i dottorandi, i PostDoc, gli specializzandi e i giovani scienziati, dall’altro le competenze dell’Accademia italiana. La formazione specialistica promossa da FISV diventa occasione del loro incontro per la crescita di una giovane Comunità genomica.