Master in Bioinformatics for life sciences
1 January 2021 - 30 June 2022
General Chairs
Master Director: Prof. Paola Defilippi Master coordinator: Raffaele A. Calogero
Since biology in Health Science is now driven by data, there is urgent need of professional and researchers with skill to analyze biological data for biomedical research, in pharmaceuticals industries, in academia, in the National Health Service, or in Hospitals.
Students in the master’s degree program will learn how to analyze biological data and apply the analytical skills and those analyses to pioneering research and industry challenges.
The two years curriculum of the Master is designed to bridge the gap between data and discovery, to prepare
• young researchers to interact with the world’s most advanced biological and clinical datasets
• students for careers in the omics-enabled biosciences.
The program is aimed at two types of candidates: holders of degrees in biological and health sciences (biotechnology, biology, medicine, veterinary, plant science), and of Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy.
The 1st year provides the computer sciences knowledge required to tackle bioinformatics problems.
The 2nd year provides the knowledge in bioinformatics to handle a wide range of genomics/ proteomics and big data based projects.
Candidates must be interested in the application of computational tools for data mining in the field of biosciences.