PHD and post-doc positions in Systems Biology available
PhD positions
We are seeking qualified PhD candidates in the field of Systems Biology. This is an interdisciplinary research initiative involving Biologists, Bioinformaticians, Engineers and Mathematicians consisting mainly in developing computational techniques for data analysis and dynamical modeling for biological systems. Typical tasks could be the analysis of "gene regulatory networks", providing a "system level" description of the functioning of the cell from DNA microarray experiments, or the modeling of a specific metabolic/signaling pathway using nonlinear ODEs.
The ideal candidate will have a curriculum in Engineering/Physics/Bioinformatics. While a background in Biology is not strictly necessary, willingness to acquire an interdisciplinary scientific profile is required. The successful candidate will be enrolled in SISSA's PhD program in Structural and Functional Genomics.
For information contact Claudio Altafini ( altafini [at] sissa [dot] it)

Post-doc position
A 1-year postdoctoral fellowship is available in the field of Bioinformatic analysis of metabolic pathways. This is a joint project with the University of Trieste (Coffee DNA Lab), sponsored by Illy Caffe`. The aim is twofold:
* compile a database of metabolic pathways from a set of reference "templates" common among different species (drawn for example from KEGG or MetaCyc databases) e.g. by matching organism-specific genomic sequences to the reference genes.
* apply inference algorithms to metabolism-wide dynamical models

Candidates with a PhD in Bioinformatics, Systems Biology or a related field are invited to contact Claudio Altafini ( altafini [at] sissa [dot] it) for more details.