Parma summer school
2 May 2017

on behalf of the scientific committee of the school, it is a pleasure to invite You to participate to this event.
This event is mainly devoted to young people, Ph.D.  students, post doc, young researchers who want to learn something about computational techniques  and in vitro techniques applied to food science.
In silico techniques are emerging techniques in food science; we can learn from Medicinal Chemistry or Computational Chemistry how to use methods and related software to predict interactions between “good” or “bad” food molecules to important receptors, e.g. Nuclear Receptors.
Because of the school is thought for young researchers, it is a “no fees school” to facilitate the participation that is limited to 100 persons  using the FIFO rules, First In First Accepted.
Moreover, also researchers not young for the age but young for the brain, will be accepted within the limit of 100 persons.
Organization costs are gently supported by the Organizing Committee. The main aim is to favor the meeting between young scientists and some important expertise in the field to lead, eventually, to new collaborations.

The school is organized by University of Parma, University “Sacro Cuore” of Piacenza and EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority in Parma.

More information can be find  in

On behalf of Scientific Committee
Pietro Cozzini                       
University of Parma