meetings and workshops
Single-cell RNA sequencing is leading the revolution in transcriptomics studies. However, scRNA-seq data are noisier and more complex than bulk RNA-seq data and are raising computational challenges in data analysis. The 2023 edition of the Lipari School on Computational Life Sciences aims to provide state-of-the-art research in the computational analysis of single cells.
Sono aperte le iscrizioni al 4th AIC-BMM Meeting che si terrà nella sede di San Domenico (Firenze) il 5-6 Giugno 2023. Tutte le informazioni per la registrazione, sottomissione di abstracts e logistica sono disponibili nel sito web.
Two days workshop to boost your understanding of bioinformatics resources and their use - you will learn about the key data resources available and how to use functional and network analysis tools.
The 16th Annual International Biocuration Conference provides a forum for curators, developers, and users of clinical and life sciences data, knowledge, and models to discuss their work, promote collaboration, and foster the community around this active and growing area of research.
The 24th Bologna Winter School will present the most recent advances in the application of Deep Learning techniques to the analysis biological (big) data, in particular in the characterization of protein structure and function. List of speakers includes: Pierre Baldi; Arne Elofsson; David Jones; Arthur M. Lesk; Christine Orengo; Burkhard Rost; Hong-Bin Shen.