Reactome Survey
1 March 2011


Reactome is an expert-authored, manually-curated, peer-reviewed database of reactions, pathways and biological processes. Pathway annotations are cross-referenced to many bioinformatics databases, such as Entrez Gene, Ensembl and UniProt databases, the UCSC and HapMap Genome Browsers, KEGG Compound and ChEBI small molecule databases, PubMed, and Gene Ontology.

An intuitive web interface provides tools for querying and browsing pathway data, performing pathway over-representation analysis and for overlaying expression data onto Reactome pathway diagrams.


Reactome is an open access and open source resource supported by a grant from the US National Institutes of Health and EU grant LSHG-CT-2005-518254 "ENFIN".

Reactome recently launched a user survey. Responses will give an indication of the effectiveness of the Reactome website and tools, and areas in which improvement could be made.

The survey is accessible at: