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Within the newly funded Transregio TRR 305, a DFG-funded collaborative research consortium between the Universities of Regensburg, Erlangen, and the Fraunhofer Society (, we are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated bioinformatician to support project partners in the bioinformatics analysis of omics data.
WABI is an international conference covering research in algorithmic work in bioinformatics, computational biology and systems biology.
The Cancer Data Science (CDS) Laboratory at the University of Trieste (PI Dr G Caravagna, is looking for a bioinformatics/ computational biology expert to join the lab for a new AIRC-funded grant (area: Computational Biology).
The Laboratory of Neurogenomic Biomarkers at the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO, University of Trento) is looking for a Computational Biologist or Bioinformatician to work on a research project funded by the Fondazione Italiana Autismo focusing on the genomics of autism and autism-related phenotypes.
- Gustavo Parisi (National University of Quilmes): Protein structure-function relationships derived from evolutionary analysis, - Tamas Lazar (VIB): PED 4.0: biocuration and future perspectives