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Location: Weizmann Institute, Israel
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We have an opening for a scientist to work with analysis and prediction of protein structures. The focus will be helping biologists learn to use tools for tasks such as viewing and analyzing structures, modeling and docking, sequence-structure-function analysis and annotation, creating pictures, and 3D reconstruction of electron microscopy images. The position will not include extensive model building.

We prefer to hire a scientist who is within two years post-Ph.D. to start as a postdoctoral fellow and become an amit when appropriate; otherwise, the person will be hired as an amit.
Gene therapy, oncogenomics, microRNA and stem cell biology

Type of position: Bioinformatics
Subject area: Gene therapy, oncogenomics, microRNA and stem cell
Requirements: Skills in bioinformatics, motivation, English knowledge
Location: Milan, Italy
Start date: March 2007
Salary or grant: Based on experience and seniority

Contact Person: Eugenio Montini, PhD
Tel: +39 02 2643 4679
Fax: +39 02 2643 4621