SBH 2007 Symposium: Registration OPEN TILL 16th September!

Send your ABSTRACT and participate actively to the event!

The Symposium will be addressed to the european scientific community, in particular in collaboration with the Yeast Systems Biology Network, an EU project in its third year of activity, with more attention given to industrial applications, such as drug discovery, white biotechnology.

The event will show how Systems Biology has already benefited the healthcare industry and how a close collaboration between academia and industry creates synergy for scientific and industrial advancement.

The participation of internationally known scientists and the moving opening lecture of the Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini made the success of the initiative.

A large poster session and many oral presentations will offer opportunities also to young scientists, for whom Young Investigator Awards are planned.

For details and the updated programme please see the Symposium web site:

IMPORTANT! You're invited to submit your REGISTRATION and your ACCOMODATION request as soon as possible in order to avoid the risk to have difficulty in finding accommodation.In fact, the period that goes from 17 to 27 October, in Milan, is rich of events.

For further information:
Organizing Secretariat
Locomia - Tel. + 39 02 783807
sysbio [at] locomia [dot] it