ESF workshop: 4th Integrative Bioinformatics Conference
Biological data are scattered across hundreds of biological databases and thousands of scientific journals. Current high throughput genomics technologies generate large quantities of high dimensional data. Microarray, NMR, mass spectrometry, protein chips, gel electrophoresis data, Yeast-Two-Hybrid, QTL mapping, gene silencing and knockout experiments are all examples of technologies that capture thousands of data points, often in single experiments. The challenge for Integrative Bioinformatics is to capture, model, integrate and analyse these data in a consistent way to provide new and deeper insights into complex biological systems.
This, fourth workshop on Integrative Bioinformatics will be of interest to Bioinformaticians, Computer Scientists and others working in, or interested in finding out more about, the developing area of integrative bioinformatics. There will be opportunities to present and discuss methods, theoretical approaches or their practical applications.


Database Integration
Combined dry and wetlab studies
Molecular Databases / Data Warehouses
Errors and inconsistencies in biological databases
Prediction and Integration of Metabolic and Regulatory Networks
Genotype – phenotype linkage
Microarray Modeling and Analyses
Integrative Approaches for Drug Design
Computational Infrastructure for Biotechnology
Text and data mining

Virtual Cell Modeling
Gene Identification, Regulation and Expression
Identification of Gene Regulatory Networks
Computational Systems Biology
Computational Proteomics
Optimization of Workflow Management in Bioinformatics
Bio Ontologies
Quality and consistency of ontologies
Integrative modeling and simulation frameworks
Integrative data and text mining approaches