BBCC2021 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Conference - online edition
1 - 3 December 2021
October 10th, 2021 (oral presentations)
General Chairs
Angelo Facchiano, Margherita Mutarelli
The BBCC Scientific and Organizing Committees are glad to open the Call for Contributions for the 2021 edition.
BBCC was born in 2006 in the shadow of Partenio Mountain and Vesuvius volcano, and has annually broadened its scope until becoming an international conference, recognized as ISCB affiliated since 2017. BBCC is also supported by BITS since 2006. The central theme of this edition is inspired by the celebration of two anniversaries: 20 years since the
publication of the first Human Genome in 2001 and 50 years since the foundation of the worldwide archive for
macromolecular structure data, the Protein Data Bank (PDB) in 1971. PDB has embraced a culture of open
access from the beginning, leading to its widespread use by the research community and is still relied on by
hundreds of data resources. The Human Genome Sequence drafts has been a milestone accompanied by the
fast-accelerating technological revolution in the sequencing technology and novel computational tools and
models. The mind-blowing discovery that protein-coding genes represented a small fraction of the whole
sequence made clear that it was just the beginning, and we are now in thrilling times where sequencing-based
approaches and structure modelling can be integrated with unprecedented computational power at hand, thus
allowing to tackle fundamental questions in gene regulation and to dissect disease mechanisms. As in 2020, due to uncertainties in the pandemic evolution and to ensure safety for the participants, BBCC will
be held as virtual Conference and registration will be free. We encourage the submission of oral communications and posters/flash presentations on the main topics: - computational methods and next generation sequencing novel applications - epigenomic and higher-order chromatin structures - omics, multi-omics, and integration - regulatory networks, system biology and system medicine - structural bioinformatics and computational biochemistry with a focus on applications to human health and diseases: rare or complex genetic diseases, cancer and
immuno-oncology, COVID-19. The call is always open to topics of general interest for the Conference audience:
- data science and big data modelling - combinatorial optimization in molecular biology - transferability and industrial applications - novel and challenging methodologies - data mining - metagenomics Post-conference publications are in preparation, as for the previous editions of BBCC conferences (we published
BMC Bioinformatics Supplements, Research Topics of Frontiers in Genetics, Special Issues on Molecules). Key Dates
July 1st, 2021: Call for Contributions
July 15th, 2021: Opening of submissions
September 15th, 2021:
Oral communications deadline
October 10th, 2021: Short communications/poster deadline
November 20th, 2021: Registration deadline