Research fellow and post-doc positions available at Florence University, Italy
A Research Fellow (Ricercatore) and a Postdoctoral Fellow (Assegno di Ricerca) 3 years positions are available in the Unit of Duccio Cavalieri in Florence University (  Cavalieri's lab is a young dynamic research unit that recently is applying "systems biology" approaches to investigate the interaction of microorganisms with the immune system.
The research will include.
1-Re-annotate, deduce and curate pathways associated to dendritic cell maturation, recruitment and role in immune response.
2- Construct a database of genomics experiments on DC maturation, including data on whole genome expression, proteomics and SNPS, and compare them using Eu-Gene, a Bioinformatic environment for pathway analysis that Cavalieri's lab. has recently developed (
3-Apply module network analysis  to reconstruct and formalize the cellular modules associated to DC maturation.
The positions are available starting between march and July 2008.
The research is part of the DC-Path project an initiative of the EU-Network of Excellence DC-Thera (
The successful candidate/s for one of the two positions will have to be proficient in English and have a PhD or at least 3 years of experience in research, and ideally have a background in one of the following: Bioinformatics, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Immunology.
The candidates will be able to work independently and have good communication skills interacting with a team of biologist and bioinformaticians.
Enthusiasm, independence and dedication to research are a MUST.

If you are interested please send your resumee to duccio [dot] cavalieri [at] unifi [dot] it.
Or contact
Duccio Cavalieri PhD
Dipartimento di Farmacologia.
Universita di Firenze, Viale Pieraccini 6
50139 Firenze Italia
Tel: +39.055.4271327 Fax: +39.055.4271280
mail duccio [dot] cavalieri [at] unifi [dot] it