POSTDOC: 1000 Genomes Project positions in Oxford
University of Oxford

Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

3 X Post Doctoral Scientists
Academic-related Grade 8:  £34,793 - £41,545 depending on qualifications
and experience, but if no suitable applicants are identified at this grade
the positions may be offered at grade 7: £27,466 - £33,780 with an
appropriate change of duties

NOTE: Deadline for application is 21st July

Up to three postdoctoral research positions are available to work on the
statistical and evolutionary analysis of data arising from large-scale
studies of human genomic variation including the 1000 Genomes Project
( and the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
(  Posts are available to work in a broad range of
areas.  Up to two posts are available to work within the 1000 Genomes
Project on experimental design, the development of statistical methodology
for the analysis of whole-genome low-coverage short-read sequencing data
and population-genetic analysis of fundamental evolutionary processes
including recombination, natural selection and demographic history. One
post is available to work within the continuation of the Wellcome Trust
Case-Control Consortium, which aims to fine-map variation driving
association signals between SNP variation and multiple human diseases, and
to look for associations between disease and CNVs.   The posts wo
uld be working primarily within the groups of Gil McVean (who co-chairs
the analysis group of the 1000 Genomes Project), Peter Donnelly (who
chairs the WTCCC) and Chris Spencer.  More details about the projects are
available from the detailed job descriptions available on request.

Candidates should have an existing background in either statistical and
population genetics or modern computational statistics and its
application. Candidates from the mathematical and physical sciences
wishing to move in the field of genetics are encouraged to apply.  Good
computational skills are essential.  Candidates should have a doctorate in
statistical genetics, population genetics, statistics, mathematics or
computer science. 

To obtain more details of the positions, please contact the Personnel
Officer (email:, tel: 01865 287508 or from our web
page, quoting reference H5-08-043-GM.
Informal enquiries can also be addressed to Gil McVean
(mcvean [at] stats [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk).  Applications, in the form of a full and detailed
CV together with the names and addresses of two referees, should be sent
to the Personnel Officer at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics,
Roosevelt Drive Oxford, OX3 7BN, or by email to; personnel [at] well [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk,
or fax; 01865 287516.  Please quote the reference number on your
application.  If candidates wish to be considered for one of the positions
only, please state this within your application.  The closing date for
applications is 21st July 2008.