CNR Pisa - 18 MONTHS POST-DOCTORAL Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics.
Marco Pellegrini
Deadline for application
6 maggio 2024


Call fore the awarding of an 18 months post-doctoral fellowship for the carrying out of research activities within the scope of the PNRR Tuscany Health Ecosystem Research Program – THE - SP14 - A Computational Platform for future diagnostics. As part of the PNRR Tuscany Health Ecosystem – THE project, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow position is announced for a duration of 18 months starting from June/July 2024. The THE project is a collaboration between major universities, research centers and bodies of the National Health Service of Tuscany for objectives in the field of public health.
In the THE project, the CNR-IIT of Pisa develops models, IT methodologies and algorithms for advanced diagnostics and prognostics in the oncology field, in collaboration with University of Florence and Toscana Life Sciences (Siena). You see:

The terms of the announcement and the procedures for applying are reported on the URP CNR website: tender code: id-20240404-122152. The official version of the announcement is the only valid. The requirements and the value of the financial treatment are summarized below.

Duration of the scholarship: 18 months
Start: Preferably June/July 2024
Total gross amount: 33,000 euros
Deadline for application: May 6th
Place of activity: at the IIT-CNR headquarters, Pisa.
Flexible home work arrangements (with additional options at Toscana Life Sciences, Siena and University of Florence, Florence).

a) Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (LM18), Computer Engineering (LM32), Mathematics (LM40) Biomedical Engineering (LM21), Biology (LM6) achieved according to current legislation prior to the Ministerial Decree 509/99, or a specialist/master's degree (Ministerial Decree 5 May 2004), and a professional curriculum suitable for carrying out research activities;
b) All qualifications obtained abroad will be evaluated by the examining commission to establish their relevance with respect to the announcement;
c) PhD on topics relevant to the project;
d) experience in bioinformatics and basic knowledge of the Python or R programming languages;
e) knowledge of the English language;
f) knowledge of the Italian language (only for foreign candidates)

Presentation Mode: The application must be completed according to the instructions in the announcement and sent by certified email (PEC). If the candidate does not have a certified email, it can be sent by ordinary email to:

For any questions or information please contact Dr. Marco Pellegrini,