2 years post-doc fellowship
University of Trento
Toma Tebaldi

Please visit the following site for application: https://lavoraconnoi.unitn.it/assegni-di-ricerca/dipartimento-cibio-avviso-diselezione-il-conferimento-di-n-1-assegno-di-ricerca-decreto-n-375-2023

Deadline: December 4th, 2023 The project, funded by AIRC, aims to study cancer with cutting-edge methods that allow coupling extensive data with a high-resolution investigation.

Research lines involve:
• study of the roles of RNA modifications in hematologic malignancies and their relationships with the epigenome;
• analysis of single-cell and spatially resolved genome-wide data to understand the molecular architecture of gene expression and its derangement in hematologic disorders.

The ideal candidate holds a PhD in Biology, Biotechnologies, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics or Computer Science. The position benefits from an international collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine, where the candidate can carry out part of the project, a pan-disciplinary environment at the University of Trento, and a competitive salary.
For informal inquiries, email to: toma.tebaldi@unitn.it