Research position @ CNR-ITB
Segrate (Mi)
Andrea Manconi
Deadline for application
February the 23th, 2023 (h 18:00)
The research position is open within the context of the “Strengthening of the Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure of Italy -” project , funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU (PNRR “IR0000031”)., the Italian node of BBMRI-ERIC, is a distributed infrastructure including 97 biobanks and biological resource centers located throughout Italy. The project is aimed to strengthen the biobanks to face the digital era.

The position is for full-time and fixed-term research (III level) at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies of the Italian National Research Council, headquarters Segrate (Milan). The contract is for two years, extendable up to the maximum duration of the project.

Required experience – It is required at least three years of experience in one or more of the following topics: computer science, development of tools for biomedical data analysis, machine learning methods (such as machine learning and/or deep learning), big data analysis, high-performance computing or possession of the title of Research Doctor or a PhD relevant to the field of experience requested;

See the call of selection (both in Italian and English) with instructions for the application at