Bioinformatics is meant as a multi-disciplinary science for the study of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level by using informatics and computational methods and models.
Main goals of the associations are the study, development and spreading of Bioinformatics in a scientific, academic, technological and industrial environment.
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In this unique situation, the scientific community is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide with an effort never seen before. The BITS steering committee have decided to help the community sharing all the research activities related to the COVID-19 diffusion that the BITS members are going on.
A dedicated page to collected these initiatives is now active.
5 September 2022
In the framework of an exciting LIFE project, we are seeking for a motivated candidate to work on bioinformatics analysis of population genomics data. more
18 August 2022
Application call to the National Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence (Health and Life Sciences): “Innovative AI-based computational models for the design and/or identification of non-coding RNA molecules as new generation personalized therapeutic agents” more
10 August 2022
As part of the strengthening of the human capital of the "National Research Center in Bioinformatics for Omics Sciences" in the framework of the empowerment of the Italian node of ELIXIR (the European Infrastructure for Life Sciences), the Department of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopharmaceuticals of the University of Bari is seeking n.3 Post-doctoral researchers. more
2 August 2022
The PhD Program is an interdepartmental training program established within the PhD School of the “Magna Græcia” University of Catanzaro. It includes 2 curricula (Innovative Technologies, Nutraceuticals and Functional Food; Clinical, Translational, Predictive and Precision Medicine) including 24 research projects and offer 7 scholarships. more
11 August 2022
N. 3 post-doctoral fellowships in Omics Sciences at the University of Bari more
9 August 2022
Pubblicati 3 bandi per assegni di ricerca di tipo professionalizzante (post-laurea) per per collaborare con la piattaforma del training di ELIXIR Italy. more
25 July 2022
An introduction to single cell RNA-seq data analysis. This course aims to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge on how to perform bioinformatic analyses of scRNA-seq data using open-source software solutions. scRNA-seq analyses will be performed using the tools available as part of the Reproducible Bioinformatics Project: rCASC. more