Bioinformatics researcher (RTDA) at Tuscia University
Tiziana Castrignanò
Deadline for application
The research program will focus on the development of new machine and deep learning algorithms, in order to develop predictive models in the following ecological areas: a) the analysis of the genetic variants in key organisms for the conservation of biodiversity; b) the study of the transcriptomic data of the organisms mentioned above as an aid for understanding the mechanisms related to adaptation and climate changes; c) the characterization of biological communities and processes underlying their interactions with particular attention to the viral communities belonging to the family of Beta Coronavirus; d), the study of supramolecular interactions as well as the structure-activity relationships
of antiviral drugs, with particular attention to COVID-19. The researcher has to demonstrate
proven experience and adequate scientific production, in the use and/or development of algorithms for the analysis of omics' big data deriving from massive sequencing or high-throughput technologies.

RTDA PON s.c. 05/E2 - s.s.d. BIO/11