Bioinformatician in Genomics
The Functional Genomics Laboratory, University of Verona (Verona)
Prof. Massimo Delledonne, head of the Laboratory of Functional Genomics, and Prof. Marzia Rossato
Deadline for application
We are seeking applicants with experience in computational analysis from high-throughput datasets and interested in next-generation sequencing data analysis and genomics. The selected candidate will be enrolled as young fellow/postdoc bioinformatician and she/he will be involved in the de-novo genome assembly of different species or, alternatively, of the analysis of human exomes and genomes for the characterization of genetic variations (single nucleotide and structural variations) associated to specific clinical phenotypes. More information can be provided upon request or during the interview.
We want an independent, creative, innovative and well-organized person with excellent cooperative skills.
Minimum Requirements:
• Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of these fields of study: biotechnology, computational biology, (bio)informatics, computer science, statistics or related fields.
• Programming/scripting skills (Bash, Perl/Python, R)
• Familiar with Unix environment
• Good communication and organizational skills

Preferred but not required:
• Previous experience in the analysis of next generation sequencing data
• Background in genetics or genomics