Bioinformatician position, Mechanisms of Peripheral Tolerance Unit, SR-TIGET.
Mechanisms of Peripheral Tolerance Unit, Telethon Institute For Gene Therapy, San Raffaele Institute, Milan , Italy
Francesca Santoni de Sio/Silvia Gregori
Deadline for application
One bioinformatician position is available in the Unit of Mechanisms of Peripheral Tolerance at SR- TIGET ( therapy/mechanisms-of-peripheral-tolerance.html). Main interests of the group are the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating immune tolerance and the development of tolerogenic cellular therapies.
In particular, the bioinformatician will work in a team aimed at better understanding the genetic and epigenetic components controlling development and function of immune cells and maintenance of peripheral immune tolerance. Successful applicant will be in charge of the analysis and integration of multi-omic datasets generated by NGS (mainly RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChiP-seq and Hi-C) and will work in tight contact with biologists and bioinformaticians in order to unravel new pathways involved in immune-related pathology such as autoimmunity.
Qualification and Requirements:
• Master or PhD degree in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics or Applied Mathematics
• Experience in NGS data analysis
• Strong programming skills (R, Python, Bash)
• Mastering bioinformatics and biostatistics tools (R, Bioconductor)
• Experience in high-throughput data analysis and multivariate statistics
• Expertise in Linux-like OS
• Good communication skills and self-motivation
• Good spoken and written English
Previous experience in the chromatin field is welcome.
Please send your application, including synopsis of research interest (or motivation letter), curriculum vitae and contacts for reference, by email to Francesca Santoni de Sio.
Salary will be defined according to experience and skills.
Starting date: September 2021.