Junior bioinformatician position at Humanitas Clinical and Research Center
Tumor microenvironment Unit, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Rozzano (Milan)
Diletta Di Mitri, Group leader
Deadline for application
Our research is dedicated to the investigation of the interplay existing between the tumor and its immune microenvironment. Our research projects are exploring the impact of the innate immune response in tumor progression and metastasis formation in human and cancer mouse models. A major focus of our projects is the preclinical development of new immunotherapeutic strategies aimed at the reprogramming of the tumor microenvironment against cancer initiation and progression. The candidate that will apply for the bioinformatician position should be highly motivated and interested in tumor immunology related projects. Candidate requirements include a bioinformatic background and previous experience in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Proficiency with Python or R and experience with statistical methods, including principal component analysis, survival analysis ecc…will be considered a plus. The successful applicant will apply bioinformatics and NGS analysis to the investigation of the interplay between the immune microenvironment and the tumor.