Consulting & Training in Protein Structure Analysis
The Bioinformatics Unit at the Weizmann Institute of Science helps advance biological research by providing consulting and training in the use of computational tools to analyze biological data. We help researchers at the Weizmann Institute and at other organizations throughout Israel. Details of our activities can be found at

Experience with macromolecule structural visualization, analysis, and
manipulation is required, including hands-on familiarity with some of the
- Macromolecule structure databases
- Applications
- Structure alignment, comparison, and domain assignment
- Homology modeling
- Docking and protein-ligand interaction prediction
- Structure-based function prediction
- Molecular dynamics
- Pairwise and multiple sequence alignment
- Image processing for 3D reconstruction of electron microscopy images
- Tools
- Freeware: OCA, Protein Explorer/Rasmol/Chime, Jmol, PyMol, Swiss-PDB-Viewer
- Commercial: Tripos, Accelrys (Insight, Catalyst, Cerius, Discovery Studio)
- Web-based servers

Required skills and background:
- Ph.D. in the life sciences or computational chemistry/biochemistry
- Demonstrated ability to learn about new technologies
- Outstanding interpersonal skills: patience for teaching, excellent communication skills, ability to work with individuals and groups.
Comfortable in both English and Hebrew.
- Ability to multitask, work and learn independently, and be self-motivated
- A record of taking the initiative to solve problems and working to high quality standards

Desirable background:
- Experience using computational tools to analyze protein and genomic data
- Teaching experience
- Proficiency with Unix and personal computers, comfortable learning computational tools
- Programming experience, especially in Perl
- Experience with computing tools such as web servers and databases

Please send your resume and a description of your qualifications for and interest in this position by e-mail to Dr. Hershel Safer,
hershel [dot] safer [at] weizmann [dot] ac [dot] il