job offers
Under the Portuguese government initiative Ciência 2007, the
Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB) and the
Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (IBET) wish to
appoint up to 18 research scientists to conduct and support
research associated with National Facilities and to develop
strategic areas of research. Contracts will be held for five years
subjected to yearly renewals.

Candidate profile: The candidates must hold a PhD, at least three
years of scientific post-doctoral experience and a proven track
record of publications.

Strengthening National Facilities: NMR Spectroscopy; Resonance
Raman; Mass Spectrometry; Proteomics; X-ray structure of small and
large molecules; GLP Laboratory; Pilot Plant

New Research Areas: Ionic Liquids for Chemical and Biological
Processes; Membrane Proteins and Super Complexes; Computational
Biology (Computational Genomics, Systems Biology); Animal Cell
Technology; Functional analysis of transcription regulators in
plants; Single-particle and single molecule analysis in biological
systems; Chemistry of organic and inorganic biologically important
compounds; Cell signaling in eukaryotes; Host- bacterial pathogen

Suitable qualified candidates from other areas in Chemistry, Life
Sciences and associated technologies will also be considered.

The closing date for applications is the 15 th August 2007.

Details for application and more information available at
Location: Weizmann Institute, Israel
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We have an opening for a scientist to work with analysis and prediction of protein structures. The focus will be helping biologists learn to use tools for tasks such as viewing and analyzing structures, modeling and docking, sequence-structure-function analysis and annotation, creating pictures, and 3D reconstruction of electron microscopy images. The position will not include extensive model building.

We prefer to hire a scientist who is within two years post-Ph.D. to start as a postdoctoral fellow and become an amit when appropriate; otherwise, the person will be hired as an amit.
Gene therapy, oncogenomics, microRNA and stem cell biology

Type of position: Bioinformatics
Subject area: Gene therapy, oncogenomics, microRNA and stem cell
Requirements: Skills in bioinformatics, motivation, English knowledge
Location: Milan, Italy
Start date: March 2007
Salary or grant: Based on experience and seniority

Contact Person: Eugenio Montini, PhD
Tel: +39 02 2643 4679
Fax: +39 02 2643 4621