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Vito Flavio Licciulli
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CNR - ITB, Bari
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knowledge base management,biological data integration,biological data modelling,IT-ICT technology
- design, implementation and maintenance of specialized biological databases developed in collaboration with internal or other research groups;
- management and integration of large amounts of biological data (BigData) through the development and implementation of data-warehouses and other data integration tools;
- development of bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, in particularly for trascriptomics studies, both coding and non-coding;
- development of WEB platforms and interfaces for the pipelines and software developed in the institute.
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- F.Licciulli, D.Catalano, D.D'Elia, V.Lorusso and M.Attimonelli. KEYnet: a keywords database for biosequences functional organization. Nucleic Acids Research (1999)