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Call for Abstract

Submissions are invited for poster and oral contributions to the annual meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS), which will be held at the Sala De Seta, Cantieri Culturali della Zisa, Palermo, on June 26-28, 2019.

The following topics are covered during the conference (but are not limited to):

• Algorithms in Bioinformatics • Big Data: Storage, Analysis and Visualization Biological Databases • Biological Image Analysis • Computational RNA biology • Epigenetics and Epigenomics • Genome Organization and Gene Regulation • Machine Learning in Bioinformatics • Methods for Single-cell Analysis • (Multi-)Omics Data Integration and Analysis • Metagenomics • Molecular Dynamics Simulations • Molecular Evolution • Pharmacogenomics • Proteomics • Structural Bioinformatics • Systems Biology and Interaction Networks • Translational Bioinformatics • Education and Training • Industry Track

Industry track is the topic dedicated to the spin-off and companies that would like to present their activities to the BITS community.

In addition to the traditional panels, this year the Call includes topics for one Special Session proposed by members of the Society on the Bioinformatics challenge in precision medicine:


The growing amount of multi-omics data such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics data, is promoting a considerable shift in the study of biomedical sciences, defining new methods and approaches for diagnostics and therapeutics of human diseases. These models flow into the paradigm of precision medicine, whose goal is to provide the best available care for each individual, requires that researchers and health-care providers have access to very large sets of health and disease-related data linked to individual patients. In this context, collection and analysis of these omics data, as well as their integration at different scales with other biomedical data, such as bioimages, clinical and lifestyle data, represent the first challenge in precision medicine studies. Tools, algorithms and protocols for data management, including privacy and security issues, should lead to the adoption of platforms and services in healthcare, focusing on new clinical treatments designed to target a single patient.

This special session is devoted to collect contributions on every aspect of precision medicine trending topics, including omics data integration, data management, data analysis techniques, and their employment in development of new tools and services with applications for healthcare.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and accepted for oral communication or poster presentation or rejected in case they do not match the scientific standards of the conference. Two or three anonymous referees will evaluate each abstract. We encourage the authors to use the maximum space available in the submission form in order to describe at the best their work and results. Accepted abstracts will be collected in the conference proceedings.

Abstract submission requires early registration to the conference of the presenting author after the acceptance notification. Participants may submit up to a maximum of one oral communication and one poster, or two posters.


Abstract submission for oral presentations and posters opens March 4, 2019

Abstract submission for oral presentations and posters deadline April 29, 2019



Call for Travel Grant

The Bioinformatics Italian Society provides young researchers with travel grants for attending its Annual Meeting.


Researchers without a permanent position and submitting an abstract to the conference as first or last author may apply to the BITS2019 Travel Grant program.


Travel Grants will be awarded according to the scores assigned by the Scientific Committee to the submitted abstracts, and only for abstracts with at least 3 as mean score (max=5). Only the best scoring attendee per each research group may be assigned with a travel grant. As a first round of assignment, applications by researchers under 35 years and BITS members will be considered. In case of unassigned grants, a second round will consider all other applications by BITS members. Finally, if grants are still unassigned, a last round will consider applications from non - BITS members having asked to become member. Within each round, in case of same score, priority will be given to researchers that participated in previous BITS meetings and did not receive any BITS Travel Grants.


Each Travel Grant will be credited to the bank account of selected candidates after the conference, provided that they effectively attended the meeting and presented their scientific contribution, and under presentation of a declaration of sustained costs, with the specific statement that these are not reimbursed by other sources. The winners will receive a grant amounting to € 300.00 for researchers working in Italy, € 400.00 for researchers working in European countries, € 500.00 for researchers working in extra-European countries. The registration fee to the meeting will be applied according to the rules reported into the registration form. For winners living into Regione Sicilia, the grant will cover registration fee only.

Information and contacts

For any information request, please contact the BITS Secretary by email:


The travel grant must be sumbitted by the following link.


Abstract submission for oral presentations and posters opens March 4, 2019

Abstract submission for oral presentations and posters deadline April 29, 2019




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