13th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society
June 15-17, 2016, University of Salerno, Italy

Download the full program here and the abstract book here.

June 14th Satellite event
Uses and Applications of Crystallographic Data in Structural Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Laboratorio Reti, Building F2, floor -1
June 15th Satellite event

The material of the workshop can be found here

Aula P7, Building F3, floor 1
June 15th BITS Tutorials
Registration (for participants to tutorials and ELIXIR Workshop)
Tutorial 1: HADDOCK

Laboratorio Turing, Building F, "stecca 7", floor 2
Tutorial 2: iMir

Laboratorio P12 sound, Building F3, floor 1
Light lunch (in the meeting area)
June 15th
Registration and poster hang-up
Opening remarks
Session 1: Genomics and Transcriptomics (Chairs: Manuela Helmer-Citterich and Paolo Romano)
Preparata Lecture - Invited speaker

Janusz Bujnicki

Title: Computational modeling and design of RNA 3D structure and protein-RNA complexes
Chawla M, Oliva R, Bujnicki JM, Cavallo L

Title: Impact of modified nucleobases on base pairing in RNA experimental structures
Dal Molin A, Lorenzi P, Romanelli MG, Malerba G

Title: Searching for sequence motifs that affect splicing of exons regulated by RBM20
Ambrosino L, Bostan H, Ruggieri V, Chiusano ML

Title: An integrated multi-level comparison highlights common aspects and specific features between distantly-related species Tomato and Grapevine
Coffee Break Poster hang-up
Assemblea Straordinaria BITS
Assemblea Ordinaria BITS
June 16th
Session 2: Special Session: Big Data Management, Modeling and Computing (Chairs: Marco Masseroli and Giancarlo Mauri)
Highlight lecture

Stefano Ceri

Title: Data-Driven genomic computing: Making sense of the signals from the genome
Prezza N, Policriti A

Title: Algorithms and data structures for the compression and indexing of genomic big data
Cumbo F, Fiscon G, Ceri S, Masseroli M, Weitschek E

Title: TCGA2BED: converting and querying The Cancer Genome Atlas
Montanari P, Ceol A, Bartolini I, Ciaccia P, Patella M, Ceri S, Masseroli M

Title: Discovering similar (epi)genomics feature patterns in multiple genome browser tracks
Bosotti R, Melloni GM, Ukmar G, D’aiuto F, Vescovi M, Rossi P, Pirchio MR, Callari M, Leone A, Somaschini A, Cesarini M, Raddrizzani L, Della Vedova G, Dugo M, Canevari S, Zambon A, Corrao G, Nepa G, Daidone MG, Pettenella M, Isacchi A

Title: PATRI: an integrated platform for genomics data analysis
Cordero F, Beccuti M, Genuardi E, Romano G, Calogero RA, Ladetto M, Ferrero S

Title: Hash Clone: a new tool to quantify the minimal residual disease during patient follow-up
Poster Session
List of accepted posters
Coffee Break
Session 3: Next-Generation Sequencing (Chairs: Luciano Milanesi and Alessandro Weisz)
Invited speaker

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Title: On community-standards, data curation and scholarly communication
Picardi E, D’Erchia AM, Pesole G

Title: Single Cell RNAseq reveals RNA editing heterogeneity in human brain
Geraci F, Manzini G, Genovese LM, D'Aurizio R, Pellegrini M

Title: A tool for genotyping variable length tandem repeats in high throughput sequencing data
Granata I, Sangiovanni M, Guarracino MR

Title: Var2GO: a web-based tool for gene variants annotation and selection
Via A
Title: Elixir Workshop results: Ten simple rules to make your teaching (more) effective
Lunch (in the poster room)
Session 4: Protein Structure and Function (Chairs: Francesca Cordero and Anna Marabotti)
Invited speaker

Alexandre Bonvin

Title: Structure, affinity and specificity riddles in biomolecular interactions
Scafuri B, Marabotti A, Carbone V, Minasi P, Dotolo S, Facchiano A

Title: Computational screening and bioinformatics functional analysis for the investigation of apple polyphenols chemopreventive effects in cancer
Corrada D, Bonati L

Title: Modelling the intertwined network of PPIs along the AhR:ARNT dimer.
Balasco N, Barone D, Sandomenico A, Iaccarino E, Ruvo M, Vitagliano L

Title: Structural characterization of the Hepatitis C Virus E2 protein: computational and experimental approaches
Paladin L, Richard F, Kajava AV, Tosatto SCE

Title: Tandem Repeat proteins at a glance: function, disease and role in protein-protein interaction networks
Social Activities
June 17th
Session 5: Special Session: Clinical Bioinformatics (Chairs: Roberta Bosotti and Davide Cangelosi)
Highlight lecture

Tommaso Mazza

Title: Multilayered transcriptional crosstalks are sustained by cooperating micro-societies in human colorectal cancer
Spinozzi G, Calabria A, Caravagna G, Graudenzi A, Ramazzotti D, Antoniotti M, Mauri G, Montini E

Title: Confirming and investigating the role of breast cancer PIK3CA-ERBB2 genes in anti-cancer drug-resistance with a new framework for the inference of cancer progression graphs using vector integration sites data
Izzo M, Cangelosi D, Pezzolo A, Morini M, Varesio L

Title: XTENS: a neuroblastoma copy number variation repository at the BIT-Gaslini biobank
Paladin L, Necci M, Babbi G, Fiscon G, Russo F

Title: RSG Italy
Pesole G

Armano G

Title: Presentation of BITS2017
Poster Session
List of accepted posters
Coffee Break
Session 6: Algorithms for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (Chairs: Giuliano Armano and Roberto Tagliaferri)
Invited speaker

Michael M. Hoffman

Title: Modeling methyl-sensitive transcription factor motifs with an expanded epigenetic alphabet
Marini S, Demartini A, Vitali F, Bellazzi R, Akutsu T

Title: Data Fusion for cleavage target prediction
Colaprico A, Silva TC, Olsen C, Garofano L, Cava C, Garolini D, Sabedot T, Malta TM, Pagnotta SM, Castiglioni I, Ceccarelli M, Bontempi G, Noushmehr H

Title: TCGAbiolinks: An R/Bioconductor package for integrative analysis with TCGA data
Tomasi F, Squillario M, Bagnara D, Verri A, Barla A

Title: A graph-based method to evaluate clonally related Immunoglobulins
Pagliarini R, Castello R, Napolitano F, Borzone R, Annunziata P, Mandrile G, De Marchi M, Brunetti-Pierri N, di Bernardo D

Title: A computational systems-level approach to decipher inborn errors of metabolism
Lunch (in the poster room)
Round Table:
Teaching Bioinformatics: state-of-the-art and new ideas (Joint BITS - Elixir-ITA event)


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