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13th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society
June, 2016, University of Salerno, Italy

How to reach the rooms and labs for tutorials and satellite activities once arrived near buildings F, F2 and F3

If you have followed the previous instructions either arriving from the bus terminal, or arriving by car, you should see the buildings F, F2 and F3 in front of you (figure 1).

Please select the tutorial/satellite event of your interest


For Satellite workshop: "Uses and Applications of Crystallographic Data in Structural Chemistry and Drug Discovery" (Laboratorio Reti, Building F2, floor -1)

Cross the left side of the parking area in front of you to go to the building F2 (you should see the road sign “Piazza Renato Caccioppoli”) (figure 2). Find the entrance in the building, take the stairs on your left, and go down to floor -1. Keep the right and walk in the hallway until you will find the laboratory.

15/6/2016 (morning):

For Satellite workshop: "Effective academic teaching: learning principles and didactic strategies that will transform your way of delivering bioinformatics courses" (Aula P7, Building F3, floor 1)


For Tutorial: "Small RNA-Seq data analysis (iMir)" (Laboratorio P12 sound, Building F3, floor 1)

Cross the right side of the parking area in front of you to go to building F3 (
figure 3) and use the white stairs in front of the building F3 to go to the first floor and enter in the building. Room P7 is the first one on your left and Laboratory P12 is about 10 m farther, in front of the internal stairs of the building.

15/6/2016 (morning):

For Tutorial: "HADDOCK tutorial on Information-driven modelling of biomolecular complexes" (Laboratorio Turing, Building F, "stecca 7", floor 2)

Cross the right side of the parking area, find the road sign "Piazza Renato Caccioppoli" and walk towards the building F (
figure 2). You will arrive in a small courtyard in which you will see a gangway (figure 4). Go up that gangway by using the metal stairs, turn left to enter in the building, walk across the doors on your left, and when you will arrive in a hall, turn on the left once more: the Lab Turing is in the hallway, on the left, near an electronic screen.

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