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Algorithms for Molecular Biology has now been launched and is freely available at:
Algorithms for Molecular Biology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all aspects of algorithms for molecular biology and genomics.
Preliminar announcement
NETTAB 2007 focused on:
A Semantic Web for Bioinformatics:
Goals, Tools, Systems, Applications
12-15 June, 2007, University of Pisa, Italy

The NETTAB 2007 workshop is focused on the Semantic Web and its possible use in support to Bioinformatics. Please note however that, starting from this edition, NETTAB workshops will also include special sessions devoted both to the general theme of the series of workshops, i.e. "Network Tools and Applications in Biology", and on further topics selected by local organizers. This year, you are therefore welcome to submit your work on any of the followings topics:

  • Main focus theme: Semantic Web applications in bioinformatics
  • Adjunct focus themes: Algorithms in bioinformatics and Formal Methods for Systems Biology
  • General theme: Network Tools and Applications in Bioinformatics
* ICCS 2007
* International Conference on Computational Science
* Beijing, China
* May 27-30, 2007
* ICCS 2007
The University of Siena is organizing for year 2007 the 4th edition of the Master in Bioinformatics Alberto del Lungo (first level). The master is open to students with a degree in either the Life Sciences or IT.

Enrollment for the 2007 edition will take place in November, for complete information visit web-site or email at
ISMB/ECCB 2007 … July 21-25, 2007 … Vienna, Austria


Call for Special Sessions October 29