· Sondaggio sulla collocazione della sessione poster nei meeting ISMB
· Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 2015 (AIME 2015) - Pavia, Italy
· Postdoc position in protein annotation and machine learning - Paris, France
· Two years post-doc ENS Cachan, France. Modeling of the NMDA receptor allosteric regulation.
· Assegno di ricerca su tematiche di Bioinformatica
· EMBO Conference - From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology
· PostDoctoral fellowship in gene network reverse-engineering
· Bioinformatician

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Welcome to the BITS Web Site!

Bioinformatics is meant as a multi-disciplinary science for the study of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level by using informatics and computational methods and models.
Main goals of the associations are the study, development and spreading of Bioinformatics in a scientific, academic, technologic and industrial environment.


Focal news

La Societàdi Bioinformatica Italiana è co-sponsor di una EMBO conference che si terrà all'EMBL Heidelberg in Germania 8-11 Novembre 2014.
BITS annual meeting 2014
Sondaggio sulla collocazione della sessione poster nei meeting ISMB

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