· Post-doctoral position in Genomics and Bioinformatics - Haifa, Israel
· Post-doc position at UPMC - Paris - France
· PhD position in bioinformatics Genomic Computing
·  III International Conference on Microbial Diversity The Challenge of Complexity - Perugia - Italy
· Post-Doctoral Position For Bioinformatician - TIGET - Milan - Italy
· Postdoctoral Fellowship in computational biology at CIBIO Center for Integrative Biology University of Trento (ITALY)
· Post-doctoral position in Genomics and Bioinformatics - Marseille, France
· Symposium: Symbiomes: Systems Biology of Host-Microbiome Interactions

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Welcome to the BITS Web Site!

Bioinformatics is meant as a multi-disciplinary science for the study of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level by using informatics and computational methods and models.
Main goals of the associations are the study, development and spreading of Bioinformatics in a scientific, academic, technological and industrial environment.


Focal news

New announcement for BITS Travel Grants for attendance to International Conferences --------->
BITS annual meeting 2015

University of Milan "Bicocca", June 3-5, 2015
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**NEW** Call for Late Posters deadline: April 28, 2015

Call for papers deadline: March 25, 2015
Travel Grants for the participation to BITS2015
ERRATA CORRIGE deadline: March 25, 2015

Post-doctoral position in Genomics and Bioinformatics - Haifa, Israel
Start date: Flexible; Preferred not later than October 2015

Duration: 24 months (obligatory) with an option of extension

Funding Source: Principal investigator existing research grant

Salary on grant: $30,000 with a possibility of raise according to performance and progress

Contact Person (Referent): Res.Prof. Aaron Avivi AND Dr. Imad Shams

Ref. E-Mail: aaron@research.haifa.ac.il; ImadShams@gmail.com

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