Preparata Lecture

Giuliano Preparata had also a strong interest in topics related to Biology, and gave important and enlightening contributions to the field of Bioinformatics. The Italian Society of Bioinformatics starts each year its Annual Conference with the Preparata Lecture, delivered by a distinguished keynote speaker. Over the years, the Society, thanks to the contribution of the Preparata Foundation, also delivered Travel Grants to young researchers for the participation to BITS Annual Conferences.


The first annual Preparata Lecture was in 2004, and every year the BITS select a Preparata Lecture choosing a keynote among the invited speakers of the BITS annual meeting.


In the following the Preparata Lecture organized during the BITS Annual Meeting:


Franco Preparata - Brown University, USA - BITS2004 - Padova

Alex Bateman, Sanger Center, Hinxton, UK - BITS2009 - Genova

Cecilia Saccone - Univerisita' di Bari, BITS2010 - Bari

Arthur Lesk - Penn State University, PA, USA, BITS2011 - Pisa

Ewan Birney, Joint Associate Director and Senior Scientist at EBI, BITS2014 Roma

Janusz Bujnicki - IIMCB in Warsaw - BITS2016 Salerno

Andrew C.R. Martin - University of Oxford - BITS2017 Cagliari

Stefano Gustincich - SISSA and IIT - BITS2018 Torino