2nd European Network Biology Conference: From Networks to Modelling
20 - 22 April 2020
General Chairs
Claudia Falter, Pascal Falter-Braun, Pablo Porras Millan, Sandra Orchard, Sorina Popescu
At this conference we will examine novel computational and experimental approaches for generating functional understanding from network modelling and hear about current trends in network mapping and analysis.
There is a recognised gap between our ability to produce increasingly comprehensive network maps of the physical and functional interactions between biomolecules in cells, and the development of quantitative models of processes based on a detailed mechanistic understanding of a given pathway. However, significant information can be extracted from these networks via integration with large scale expression or post-translational datasets.
We will feature a panel of internationally renowned leaders in the field and foster the exchange of results, ideas and strategies among experimental and computational scientists working on this key area of systems biology.

Submit an abstract to present a poster at the conference. Abstracts for poster submissions will open alongside registration for this conference, and close on Friday 13 March 2020. 21 short talk presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts to feature on the programme.