EMBO Practical Course Bioinformatics and genome analyses

EMBO Practical Course
Bioinformatics and genome analyses
16 – 30 June 2019 | San Michele all'Adige, Italy

This EMBO Practical Course will cover a range of genome analyses and
their fundamental elements. The first principal theme of the course is
comparative genomics, covering genome analysis and exploration,
pair-wise and multiple comparisons of genomes and evolutionary
inferences (orthologs, paralogs and their classification). The second
principal theme of the course is related to Next-Generation Sequencing
data analyses, including sequence assembly methods, metagenomics and
its applications as well as genomic structural variants.

The main objectives of this EMBO Practical Course are to strengthen
skills of students in genomics and bioinformatics on the use of
algorithms, key software, statistical and visualization methods, and
their various applications in genome studies. The course program is
designed to provide a solid theory class followed by practical
sessions on each topic, where the same speaker will deliver at least
one half-day course of theory and practice. Students will obtain the
dexterity to manipulate large data sets in a Unix environment and a
basic understanding of scripting and programming skills. Students are
assumed to be familiar with the Unix environment.

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Registration Deadline: 31 March 2019