IRI Summer School “Epigenetics meets mathematics”

IRI Summer School “Epigenetics meets mathematics”


Date: July 2nd – 8th, 2017

Venue: IRI Life Sciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany


Application deadline (extended): May 21st 2017


More information and registration: 


All costs for travelling, accommodation and course materials will be covered for successful applicants.


The combination of experimental epigenetics with theoretical biology is immensely powerful but surprisingly rare. The IRI Summer School “Epigenetics meets mathematics“ aims to inspire experimentalists and theoreticians in epigenetics research each to engage with the other discipline.


The programme offers PhD students and Postdocs, who work experimentally or theoretically in epigenetics research, a comprehensive overview of current research combining theoretical biology and experimental epigenetics in lectures and workshops held by internationally renowned experts.


Invited speakers include:


Luca Giorgetti (Basel)

Hanspeter Herzel (Berlin)

Martin Howard (Norwich)

Edda Klipp (Berlin)

Davide Mazza (Milan)

Nacho Molina (Illkirch)

Mario Nicodemi (Naples)

Ana Pombo (Berlin)

Marc Rehmsmeier (Berlin)

Leonie Ringrose (Berlin)

Kim Sneppen (Copenhagen)


Several of the speakers contributed to the recently published text book „Epigenetics and Systems Biology“ (Academic Press,


The IRI Summer School “Epigenetics meets mathematics” is kindly funded by Volkswagen Foundation.