2nd Interdisciplinary Signaling Workshop
17 - 21 July 2017
Registration deadline
15 March 2017
Abstract submission deadline
15 March 2017

The beautiful Renaissance city of Visegrad in Hungary will host the second Interdisciplinary Signaling Workshop this July.

The workshop will combine scientific talks from experts in cellular signalling (covering, amongst others, topics in genomics, network biology, cheminformatics, systems modeling, and proteomics), team-work activities addressing current research questions in signaling using multi-disciplinary approaches, and informal summer and cultural activities. More on the importance of interdisciplinarity for network medicine in the article linked on this page by the organisers of ISW2014 http://signalingworkshop.org/downloads/

The combination of relaxing location, participative afternoon and evening sessions, and enthusiastic experts provides a great context for promoting collaboration, networking, and interdisciplinary learning and exploration of key questions in signaling.

To learn more, see the workshop website http://signalingworkshop.org/

Organisers are offering 15% discounts for any participants from the same institution as one of the ISW2017 invited speakers, or for groups of 3 or more participants from the same institution.

They also offer a limited number of travel grants.

20th July was chosen as the final day of scientific discussion at the workshop, to make it possible for participants to arrive in Prague for the start of ISMB/ECCB 2017 the day after.

Please address any scientific questions about the workshop to Tamas Korcsmaros Tamas.Korcsmaros@earlham.ac.uk and logistical ones to Robert Hohol hoholr@diamond-congress.hu

The organisers of ISW2017 (Tamas Korcsmaros, Aidan Budd, and Toby Gibson) look forward to seeing you in Visegrad in July!

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Confirmed speakers:

- Gary Bader, University of Toronto, Toronto, CA
- Andreas Bender, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
- Federica Di Palma, Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK
- Jasmin Fisher, Microsoft Research and University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

- Toby Gibson, EMBL, Heidelberg, DE

- Ruth Nussinov, National Laboratory for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA

- Balazs Papp, Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, HU

- Evangelia Petsalaki, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK
- Natasa Przulj, University College London, London, UK
- Attila Remenyi, Institute of Enzymology, Budapest, HU
- Julio Saez-Rodriguez, RWTH-Aachen University, Aachen, DE
- Vera Van Noort, University Lueven, Lueven, BE
- Andrei Zinovyev, Institut Curie, Paris, FR