Researcher position in Concurrency and Parallelism in BioInformatics
Job/Fellowship Reference: C2007-418-CITI-1
Concurrency and Parallelism in BioInformatics

Applications are sought for RESEARCHER positions. Successful applicants will engage in the development of computation models, languages and algorithms to exploit Concurrency and Parallelism in BioInformatics, involving work both in the application of computer science techniques for modeling biological, biochemistry and biomedical systems, and in the development of biologically inspired computational models.

Important dimensions of this research include the specification and verification of space-time properties of complex systems, modal logics for concurrency, process calculi, and the development of parallel and distributed computing models and algorithms for BioInformatics, enabling the processing of complex simulations with access to very large data sets. Successful candidates will join the research groups of the CITI Research Centre, and conduct joint research in the context of interdisciplinary collaborations to exploit the relationships between Computer and Information Sciences and Life Sciences.

More information about the CITI - Centre for Informatics and IT, a research unit of the Departamento de Informatica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, may be found in the CITI web site

Any candidate must have a post-doctorate research experience of at least 3 years, be knowledgeable in Computer Science in general, preferably in some of the areas mentioned above, and in its relationships with BioInformatics. Successful candidates must have competence particularly in fields like Concurrency Models, Parallel Algorithms, Principles of Programming Languages and Models. Applicants with a strong Computer Science background will have priority.

Please send detailed CV and two reference letters before 31 August 2007 to:

Prof. Jose C. Cunha
CITI - Centre for Informatics and IT
Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2829-516 Caparica
e-mail: jcc [at] di [dot] fct [dot] unl [dot] pt
tel: +351 212948536
fax: +351 212948541