Bioinformatician, post-doc position at CNR-ITB
CNR-ITB Segrate (Milan)
Ettore Mosca
Deadline for application
The research activity will focus on the development of a systems biology based approach. We will analyze different types of omics data in the context of genome-scale biological networks to infer modules of interacting genes underlying disease activity, suitable to be used as a more reproducible set of predictive variables.

The research fellow will have the opportunity to develop skills in the integrative analysis of multiple omics, network biology and software development. Moreover, she/he will have the opportunity to work on other projects, including single-cell data analysis.

The fellowship will be assigned by means of an open competitive exam.
Please see the CNR URP at URL
Codice Bando ITB-010-2020-MI-Prot 0058877, scadenza: 19/10/2020

CNR-ITB is located at Segrate (Milan), next to MM2 Cascina Gobba.

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