Candiolo, Turin
Luigia Paca
Deadline for application
The candidate will spearhead computational and systems immunology analyses in the
context of translational and personalized biomedicine, with a strong focus on epigenetics
and single cell multi-omics of immune cells.

Research: The lab addresses fundamental aspects of immune responses, related to
memory T cell differentiation and long-term protective immunity. Our research aims to
understand how T lymphocytes integrate complex environmental stimuli into specific
epigenetic and differentiation programs, which specify cell fate commitment and function.
The research’s goal is to use this knowledge to develop novel molecular targets and
strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer in the new field of cancer

The candidate will combine a variety of high throughput approaches, including next
generation sequencing of RNA and epigenetics marks, single cell multi-omics, including the
development of new computational pipelines aimed at the integration of different multi-omics.

Qualifications and requirements:
• Master or PhD degree in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Mathematics, Physics or related field
• Experience in computational data analysis (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq)
• Strong programming skills (R, Python, Bash)
• Mastering bioinformatics and biostatistics tools (R, Bioconductor)
• Experience in high-throughput data analysis and multivariate statistics
• Good communication skills and self-motivation
• Fluent in spoken and written English

IIGM ( is located at the FPO IRCCS Candiolo Cancer Institute, Candiolo, Turin,
Italy ( The main goal of IIGM is to foster and develop excellence in
human genomic research and education, with special reference to genomic variability in
multifactorial diseases, with a strong focus on cancer. The institute provides high-level
scientific education, and access to state-of-the-art research facilities.

To apply for this position please submit a cover letter (in English) describing research
experience, interests, motivation, CV and contact information of three references to:

The position is available immediately, the call will remain open until the position is filled.
References: Pace L, et al. Science 2018; Pace L, et al. Current Opinion Immunol. 2020;
Alessandri’, et al. GigaScience 2019; Pace L, et al. Science 2012