Bioinformatician position at IOM Ricerca
Viagrande (Catania)
Stefano Forte
Deadline for application
The selected bioinformatician will be involved in two research programs dealing with the development of new NGS analysis methods for the identification and annotation of circulating and tissue molecular markers for the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer diseases. The main tasks related to this activity will be:
- Support for the setup of NGS experiments (targeted panels, whole genome, gene expression).
- Analysis of NGS data with functional and clinical annotation.
- Development of pipelines and automated systems for analyzing and annotating data according to requirements provided by clinical and research staff.
- Development of clinical and molecular data management systems and integration with interrogation and analysis systems and interfaces
- Development of pipelines and systems for automation in the production of clinical reports from laboratory data
- Supervision of the activity of young researchers, fellows and doctoral students involved in the project activities.
- Participation in the activities of the tumor board.
- Collaboration with clinical staff for the definition of user requirements.

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