Postdoc Fellow – Drug Safety System Models (AstraZeneca)
AstraZeneca Cambridge UK
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Deadline for application
May 17th 2020
This project provides a unique chance to work with a wide group of modellers and biologists to answer urgent questions in pharmacology. Our goal is to enhance drug safety by developing mechanistic models, which are knowledge- rather than retrospective clinical data-driven and, thus, available at early stages of development. The successful candidate will collaborate with a wide network of scientists from industry and EU academic institutions.

Gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity is frequently a dose limiting adverse effect of many drugs, such as oncotherapeutics. When such toxicity is on-target, it is not always possible to mitigate liability through compound screening or optimization during drug discovery. In this context, mathematical modelling provides a strategic alternative to optimize clinical dose schedules and identify therapeutic margins. Our goal is to build a suite of mechanistic quantitative models, available in early-stage drug development, to support decision‐making, trial optimization and dose schedule guidance.

This Postdoc will join a multidisciplinary team of researchers who are already developing a multiscale computational framework which can be used to test and generate biological hypotheses related to drug induced GI toxicity. The student will work closely with biologists and toxicologists to develop and refine these models and will present results regularly to wide multidisciplinary audiences. There is also a requirement to publish results in scientific journals and relevant conferences, subjected to the quality and novelty of the work.