Contract position for a Bio/Informatician at the “Division of Neuroscience”, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan
San Raffaele Hospital, Milan
Vania Broccoli
Deadline for application
A contract position for a Bio/Informatician is available immediately at the “Stem cells and Neurogenesis” Unit,
in the Division of Neuroscience at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan.
The “Stem cells and Neurogenesis” Research Unit ( is a bold and dynamic team
carrying out advanced research studies on neurological diseases, stem cells and gene therapy. Current
projects aim at understanding deregulated gene pathways and epigenetic changes associated with autism
infantile disorders and Parkinson’s disease. The Unit has developed innovative and unique models for these
diseases using patient-specific human stem cells. New approaches of gene-based therapies are also in
development exploiting new genomic approaches and gene editing technologies.
The San Raffaele Institute is one of the largest and advanced research centers in Italy. It provides a
stimulating and attracting multi-disciplinary environment for carrying out advanced and innovative research.
The integration with the Hospital offers a privileged eco-system for translational research with the aim to
establish novel cell and gene therapeutic approaches. A well-structured facility ensures the highest
technological support and state-of-the-art technologies for genomics and computational analysis.
The candidate is expected to have familiarity with the main programming languages and expertise in data
mining and database development. Previous experience in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data
handling and analysis which might include computational elaboration of RNA-seq and/or ChIP-seq data is
highly valued. The studies will be focused in understanding the genomic bases of the biological dysfunctions
in neuroinfantile and neurodegenerative diseases. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate
closely with bioinformaticians at the Center for Omics Science in the Institute.
The candidate should have a strong motivation to work in an advanced research environment, be proactive,
have excellent communication skills (also in English), possess an aptitude to work independently, and
particularly drive and maintain multiple collaborations in the lab. This position is a unique opportunity to
interact with multi-disciplinary experts and be at the forefront of research activities that are quickly evolving.
The position is available immediately for a two-year contract and salary will be commensurate to the seniority
of the candidate.
If your profile matches most of these requirements, we look forward to receiving your application. Applicants
should submit an updated CV, a letter of motivation and names/contacts of referees to: