Leading developer position in computational biology
Tommaso Mazza
Deadline for application
The candidate will work closely with the diagnostic departments of CSS and will be in charge of managing and analyzing whole exome, targeted resequencing, SNP array, gene, and miRNA expression data. This task will partly require the development and maintenance of ad-hoc, standalone and web-based, software pipelines.

The candidate will also be involved in groundbreaking cancer research projects, in the implementation of MitImpact (http://mitimpact.css-mendel.it/) and in the design and implementation of Pyntacle, a high-performance framework for the analysis of biological networks (http://pyntacle.css-mendel.it/).

The correct cultural background (training in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computer Science or a mix of the three) and a strong interest in working with high throughput data and developing ad-hoc software solutions on clusters of CPUs/GPUs and on web-based frameworks will be considered at the same level of specific experience in the above-mentioned fields.

Knowledge of Python and R is required. Knowledge of HTML, XML, PHP, Flask, Javascript as well as MySQL, MongoDB are a golden plus.

Good knowledge of Scientific English will be positively evaluated for this position, together with good presentation and teamwork skills.

A CV with one professional reference, details on educational background and on bioinformatics and/or programming and/or data analysis skills and experience should be sent by email for a preliminary selection to: Tommaso Mazza, CSS-Mendel: t.mazza@css-mendel.it

Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza is an Institute for hospitalization, care, and scientific research located in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. It integrates clinical assistance (with inpatient and outpatient facilities) and research. It has an affiliated institute, CSS-Mendel, located in Rome. Between the two sites, it employs over 100 researchers who focus on genetic diseases, innovative therapies, and regenerative medicine. The Center is equipped with state of the art genomics technology (Thermo Fisher Scientific Proton, Illumina MiSeq, Illumina NextSeq 500, Affymetrix/Agilent microarray platforms, etc) as well as a dedicated high-performance computing facility, a non-conventional workstation of GPUs and a short- and long-term storage.

Candidates should send:
• a cover letter explaining the role they would like to undertake within the Center, even if it is not listed in this job adv, stating clearly why they would be a good fit to the proposed role, and what they would bring to the Center in terms of expertise, ideas, talent;
• a CV including a list of publications;
• List of referees.

Start date
~ Immediate

Place of work
Rome, CSS-Mendel
Bioinformatics research unit (http://bioinformatics.css-mendel.it/)

1 year (renewable)

Funding Source

Gross Salary
24.000-27.000 €