Postdoc position available at the CIB, Madrid
CIB, Madrid (Spain)
Dr. Federica Bertocchini
Deadline for application
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The CIB is in the heart of Madrid, in the University Complutense Campus and counts on a vibrant student community.
The laboratory is focused on biodegradation of synthetic polymers via biological solutions. Our specific interest is centred in the capability of the wax worm (larva of Galleria mellonella) to biodegrade polyethylene, one of the most used and most resilient plastic material nowadays (For further info:
The understanding of the molecular machinery deployed to achieve the biodegradation result requires a multidisciplinary approach, with diverse complementary expertise, and a deep understanding of the insect genome
Candidates with a strong background in genome and big data analyses, and high motivation in biotechnology and environmental-oriented projects, please send the CV to
Dr. Federica Bertocchini at:
Interest in evolution and evolutionary understanding of biological processes will be appreciated.