Computational Biologist / Bioinformatician
Deadline for application
IMMAGINA is an innovative start-up business operating in the MedTech sector of Genomics, Proteomics
and Enabling Technology. As The Ribosome Company, IMMAGINA develops products for gene expression
analysis at the protein synthesis level through a specialized technology platform oriented toward academia and
IMMAGINA draws on the most advanced methodologies for analysis of DNA-, RNA-, proteomics and biomolecular imaging technologies.
We are seeking a Computational Biologist to join our team and to autonomously analyse a range of high-throughput genomics data generated by our on-site next-generation sequencing (NGS) services, mainly with
Oxford Nanopore instruments, as well as publicly available databases.
You will utilise open-source software tools to build automated workflows in data processing. Proficiency in
spoken and written English is required. Wet-lab experience is appreciated.
All applications should be sent to