Two research engineer positions in Systems genetics and Network Bioinformatics
Two research engineer positions in Systems genetics and Network Bioinformatics (Marseille, France)
The two positions (2 years, starting November 2019) are available in the framework of the Archi-Old-Heart project, which aims to decipher the natural variations associated with cardiac ageing in Drosophila using an interdisciplinary approach associating genetics, biostatistics, machine learning and network bioinformatics. The project involves the TAGC laboratory in Marseille, France (Laurent Perrin and Christine Brun teams) and the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in La Jolla, California, USA (Rolf Bodmer and Karen Occor team).
Position 1 - Network Bioinformatics
We aim to study  impact of genetic variations on phenotypes through the analysis of the perturbations induced and propagated by the variations on several biological networks (protein-protein and RNA-protein interaction, regulation network...). Currently, there is no suitable method to achieve this goal. The applicant would therefore develop, evaluate and apply a new method to quantify network perturbations.
The candidate must have a PhD in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Probabilities, Network Biology, Data integration.
Position 2 - Systems genetics
Use available Genome Wide Association Studies (natural variants associated to cardiac phenotypes) results for characterizing molecular networks associated to cardiac aging, including gene regulatory networks.
We are looking for a candidate with a PhD (Genomics, Genetics, Network Biology, Systems Biology) with skills in statistics and data analysis (R). Basic knowledge of common molecular biology techniques is a plus.