Five Marie Curie senior scientist positions
Five Marie Curie senior scientist positions ( will be awarded to work on projects coordinated by Professor Stefano Gustincich to study transposons activity in neurodevelopmental disorders. The projects will be part of the MINDED programme ( and will be developed at the Italian Institute of Technology. Both molecular and computational biologists are welcome to apply as the different projects will be in equal portion wet- and/or dry-oriented.
We are looking for highly motivated independent scientists with a strong interest in the activity of transposable elements in the nervous system development, functioning, evolution and disease.
Candidates will be expected to have knowledge of biology, development, transposable elements, population genetics and functional genomics and to demonstrate the ability to work independently and to be creative in a wet- and/or dry-lab scenario. Previous experience with next generation sequencing, functional genomics and an understanding of statistical methods used in the interpretation of biological and medical data is also required. The applicants must have a strong publication record.
Deadline for the applications: 09/04/2018
Announcement and instructions to apply can be found at the following link: