Young researchers in the Bioinformatics Milan Bicocca (BIMIB) laboratory
The Bioinformatics Milan Bicocca (BIMIB) laboratory will be happy to serve as a 
"Hosting Institution" for young researchers interested in the modeling and analysis (via simulation and/or Machine Learning techniques) of Cancer Progression Models, through the MSCA actions.

The BIMIB group, in collaboration with groups from NYU (USA), NYGC (USA), Iconcologia (Spain), San Raffaele (Italy) and other institutions, has produced algorithms and pipelines for the analysis of cancer genomic and expression data that are currently state-of-the-art for the analysis of both "ensemble" (population) and "individual tumour" datasets.  The group is interested in pursuing developments that included survival analysis and therapy considerations to complete a translational approach to the clinic.

BIMIB will consider candidates with an interdisciplinary background in cancer research, biology, computer science, machine learning, mathematics, or statistics.
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